Call for papers for EWIS workshop on “Ontological (In)security in Europe": 12-14 July 2023 in Amsterdam. /

As part of the 10th European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS), ZUSE researchers Aline Bartenstein (IFSH at the University of Hamburg) and Franziskus von Lucke (University of Tübingen) are organizing a workshop on “Ontological (In)security in Europe: Anxious Community or Growing through Crisis?”. The workshop will take place on 12-14 July 2023 in Amsterdam.

The call for papers for the workshop is now online. Deadline for applications is 5 February 2023:

Please find the full description of the workshop here:

Short workshop summary:

Large-scale war, COVID-19, populism, and internal disintegration – the list of threats and challenges that EUrope has been facing in recent years is long. The associated doomsday scenarios can create a diffuse sense of anxiety, which has led some to characterize the EU as an “anxious” or “(in)security community”. At the same time, the literature has highlighted how the EU has become an expert in dealing with constant turbulence and often been growing through crises. The aim of this workshop is to analyze the multiple pathways through which actors in Europe deal with uncertain times and anxiety and thus try to reinstate their “ontological security”. We are interested in conceptual and empirical papers approaching these issues from different perspectives and with a view to different cases linked to the European Union, Europe, and individual member states, but also to the main contestants of Europe in an increasingly multipolar world.